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the 36th FGB Irish Convention Report Cork Nov 2014
posted 31/12/2014

This event is on Saturday 31 January 2015

The 36th FGB ALL Ireland Convention Report 13 /16 November 2014 Cork city One hundred and eighteen pilgrims booked into the Park Inn Cork Airport hotel to spend four days seeking and worshiping God with a heart to find out His will for Ireland today. Visitors came from all over Ireland and some from as far as Scotland, England and the Isle of Man. They were hungry to find out what God was going to do. This year’s conference broke the tradition of spending all the time in the hotel but also took to the streets to spread the good news of the gospel on Friday and Saturday afternoons. They were backed up by a worship team who parked themselves in Patrick street in Cork city centre to sing songs and tell stories of how God had changed their lives. Ordinary people, young and old (from six years old to over eighty) whose lives were transformed by having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, gave their stories . These stories varied from the ordinary to the extraordinary but all giving the glory to their savior Jesus Christ. The conference began on Thursday afternoon with registration in the hotel . As this took place the guests were given free copies of our Voice magazines and a dramatized version of ‘The Happiest people on earth’, recorded on CD. This book was written by the founder of the fellowship, Demos Shakarian who was given the vision from God. The Lord has enabled the chapters to spread worldwide. The opening guest speakers Paul and Nuala O’Higgins and Cynthia and Marc Murphy gave their testimonies about the interesting ways in which they met. Cynthia, the faithful Christian farm girl from USA who was baptized in the spirit while driving her tractor married Marc from Dublin whose addiction almost destroyed his life. While Nuala the nun married Paul the priest and both broke free from the bondage of religion. The couples gave amazing stories of God’s grace and freedom. Both teams of Paul and Nuala and Marc and Cynthia gave inspiring teachings throughout the weekend sessions. Paul led the parade in a joyous march as part of our worship . All four ministered on the streets and Marc and Cynthia gave their testimonies in all sorts of weather in the town centre. Throughout the conference the Lord blessed us with healing,salvation and prophesy. The Holy Spirit moved freely in the hotel and on the streets of Cork prompting such comments as ’there is a river flowing in Cork’ ;’there is a great presence of God’s love throughout this convention’ and ’its a new day ‘. One Cork man, a tax accountant who had just given his life to the Lord Jesus at the convention said ‘ I can keep you out of jail if you get me into heaven ! ‘. One young lady who had given her life to Jesus at our street outreach ,after receiving a donation for her needs, used it on a taxi fare to the conference and spent the evening enjoying God’s presence. Many people during their afternoon’ free time’, gave it up to come onto the streets to worship and witness about God’s goodness and love. All our Voice magazines were given away as well as many John’s gospels. Our youngest street worker was 6 years old and no one refused whatever she gave out. Even those who stayed behind at the hotel ,where nothing was planned, had God encounters. Healing of the physical body as well as healing of old wounds and hurts took place. People were encouraged to step out and pray for each others' healing and the testimonies of those touched by Jesus were given the following morning. God is the same yesterday ,today and forever. This is what the Word of God promises and as we step out in faith he honors his Word. FGB has a new chapter blossoming in Cork following this convention. For those interested in visiting in Cork please contact James Doherty 087236 5582 Glory be to God.