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A Happy ,Blessed and prosperous New year 2015
posted 31/12/2014

This event is on Saturday 31 January 2015

FGB Ireland wishes you a very blessed and prosperous new year new year. This year's prophetic word given by the leadership of the fellowship from the Lord is directly calling the Fellowship out of our current way of operating into a new dimension = HIS Dimension. "I am calling you to be different. I am calling you away from preconceived Ideas of how I should work and how I should do it and to move out into the difference the Holy Spirit Makes" How easily we can slip into the habit of limiting GOd through our own limited understanding.often through our traditional way of thinking. But now the Lord is calling us into a new way of thinking,by the renewing of our minds,into a different dimension, that of the Holy Spirit. when we respond to that call we will be different, the fruit wil be more plentiful and Jesus will be glorified. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT !!!