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Coronavirus Recommendations to All Chapters until further notice from UK & Ireland National Council
posted 18/03/2020

This event is on Thursday 19 March 2020

Dear fellow-members of FGB UK & Ireland. With the current COVID-19 pandemic escalating, we feel we need to give guidance with regard to the various meetings and activities with which we in FGB are involved. We are called to have faith, and this should give us a sense of security, as well as a message for the nation. God is in control, because He is Sovereign. Look for opportunities to give witness to the love and power of God in Jesus, and perhaps offer to pray with and for those the Lord leads you to. We are also called to be prudent and wise. In Romans 13:1 we are told to pay attention to government (‘the powers that be’ in the AV). And so, in this present crisis, we need to conduct ourselves within the parameters and context of the guidelines given by the government, knowing they are informed by health and scientific experts. The cancellation of all meetings, including dinners, lunches, breakfasts, prayer/ fellowship meetings and business meetings is strongly advised. Even if we are walking in faith, unsaved guests are unlikely to be doing so. Nevertheless, all members should be encouraged to continue praying as the Spirit leads and video conferencing or messages through a WhatsApp group could replace Chapter Prayer Meetings. Psalm 91 is being given significant prominence at this time. It is packed with wonderful promises of divine protection. These are not vague aspirations or fanciful dreams - they are promises of God. Embrace them. But abide under the shadow of the Almighty - there is nowhere safer. So stay blessed and stay healthy, and when this season is over, let’s seek a renewed anointing to take this nation for the Lord Jesus. Let’s all pray: ‘May your kingdom come, and may your will be done, in the UK and Ireland, as it is in heaven’. Barrie Lawrence, chairman of the national council. Stuart Cripps, executive officer. FGB UK & Ireland.